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Boxing Day

The day started in the wee hours of Christmas evening as I watched Fight Club. Man, what a screwed-up movie that is...every bit as good as people say it is, though. Also picked up more discs of The Big O and Legend of Black Heaven at Video Universe, now that I've finished Dai-Guard and Nadesico.

The rest of the day was spent in a futile expedtion to Inver Grove Heights to retrieve rice cookers and percolators, a visit to Mattress Giant so that Scott and Melody could window-shop for mattresses, the fabric store so that sewing machine needles could be replaced, and Cub so that we could replenish the supplies of bread, margarine, and milk. Yay.

I forgot to mention that along with the ham-stuffed pineapple, I got something I'd been faunching after for years: the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club coffee mug. This will suitably overawe the Cthulhu Coffee mug I picked up at CONvergence last year (2003) until such time as I get the new and improved "Sip. Gibber. Repeat." travel mug, at which time I'll need another CRFC mug to maintain ecclesiastical parity in the cupboard. *grin*

Now to get some eBay stuff up before it's time to nod off...
Tags: it's a catholic thing, the bush of fandom
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