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hard decisions and surprising changes

Things have been busy these last couple of days, what with my quarterly visit with Dr. B., dress rehearsals for H&R Block, and what have you, but the big thing on my mind is the Toaster. I was supposed to get it inspected last month, but what with moving and cash flow weirdness that didn't happen - and it finally caught up with me on Wednesday, when a sharp-eyed Fairfax County cycle cop flagged me down and ticketed me for not having gotten the inspection. I went and did the inspection afterward (with stops to pick up a scale and get an estimate on the body work -$800- in between) and it's not good news. The front end is bent, which throws off the headlight alignment, a couple of the tires (maybe all four) are past their expiration date, and worst of all there's some kind of glitch with the air bag indicator, which I'm not sure can be fixed without tearing out the steering column and replacing it, which replacement would cost more than the Toaster is worth at this point.* I am going to wait until Carlos is back from Val's wedding this weekend and see what he thinks it'll cost to beat the vehicle back into shape, and hope for the best.

The quarterly diabetes checkup was four months' worth of catching up. I was able to provide four months' worth of blood sugar numbers (which were all over the lot) and three months' worth of weights, which weren't. We're going to see what the bloodwork indicates before making any big changes, but in the meantime I'm trying to get back on the low-carb horse and stay there.

I downloaded a bunch of Klaus Schulze albums from Amazon last night (Body Love, Cyborg, Picture Music, and Trancefer) and it was good to hear the old music again. Interestingly, I don't find it as depressing as I did when I was younger.

Also downloaded Michael Flynn's Up Jim River and read it. Both it and The January Dancer make a lot more sense now that I've read them all together with In the Lion's Mouth; it is easier to understand the complicated stew of cultures that makes up the Periphery and its peoples, and with that understanding comes more enjoyment of the story.

I will most likely be going to PRSFS tonight since I promised to give one of the members a ride home. Good thing I (mostly) cleaned out the passenger-side footwell.

*Not that I have $3K anyway.
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