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...getting done with mess, getting shut o' doing things rather more or less...

Busy, busy Friday. Out to Ashburn for therapy, down to Sheetz for fuel and lunch, in to the VA to get a new mask and hose for the CPAP machine, and (eventually) home by way of Red Robin and the still-empty mailbox.

The therapy is doing me some good. No rapid, overnight changes, to be sure, but it's making me think about a lot of behaviors and habits I don't normally give any thought to, and this is leading to changes in the way I do things, and those changes are having good effects. Not quite ready to declare that I'm getting better every day (much less in every way) but my headspace is slowly getting adjusted away from depression and more toward...well, maybe not HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, because I've never been that sort of person unless thoroughly drunk, but at least content and not unhappy. It's a start.

As for the nose hose, getting new hose & mask was fairly simple even though my ResMed machine is not what the VA issues; all these CPAP machines use pretty much the same kind of hoses and masks, and I am happy with what I was given. Got a very good night's sleep last night - still tossing and turning, but I felt a lot better when I got up around 1100 this morning than I have in quite a while. This, too, will help the headspace. The trip also earned me an appointment with the sleep clinic in a couple of months, and the admonition to pry my records loose from HealthEast up in St. Paul, which did the original diagnosis for sleep apnea way back in the day. I think that'll work better if I ask Dr. B for the necessary forms when I see her on Thursday for the quarterly diabeetus checkup.

Finished Liar's Poker, and it seems very strange to me, much like Trollope in its invocation of a time and place and people that I barely recognize doing things that have their own internal logic but are almost completely alien to me. As an accountant, with some necessary education in the workings of stocks and bonds, I somewhat understand what Lewis and his compatriots were doing at Salomon, but it doesn't seem quite real to me, any more than Trollope's descriptions of political infighting in the 19th century C of E. Quite instructive, though, in the ways of the Wall Street culture, and I do recommend it: so far I have read three Michael Lewis books (Moneyball, The Blind Side and now this) and all of them have been absorbing reads that taught me about things I was only vaguely aware of.
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