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I get a little annoyed with reviews like this that bitch about the poor quality of the art in anime series, since I for one don't watch anime for the art - it's something that I appreciate as an incidental benefit of the form, but as long as the story is good and the characters are interesting, I'm not too picky about the art. Heck, I have a poster from Nuku Nuku DASH! on my wall, and I think most fans would agree that it has the worst art of the three Nuku^2 series...but I don't care. It's a nice picture of Akiko Natsume, who reminds me of Saeko Shimazu (her voice actress) so it's all good.

This is all because I rented the first disc of Legend of Black Heaven (retitled from the Japanese Kacho Oji, "Section Chief Oji"), a rock n' roll space opera which opens in the most depressing way possible. Spoilers follow.

Oji's life sucks. His wife and kid mostly ignore him, his job stinks, and on top of that his wife has thrown out his last link to the days when he was Gabriel Tanaka, lead guitarist for the rock band "Black Heaven": his prized Fender Flying V guitar. Oji spends most of the evening that his guitar goes into the trash drinking heavily and crying for his lost youth and seemingly pointless life when the new section chief at his office, Layla Yuki, shows up at the sake stand and makes him an offer he can't refuse...because her space navy needs the slamming, screaming guitar chords that only Gabriel Tanaka can produce, and she's got his Flying V. Of course, Oji's wife Yoko starts wondering why Oji is disappearing at all kinds of weird hours, and who this beautiful woman is who's hanging around Oji all the time...

This series certainly hasn't gotten the kind of attention I think it deserves, probably because it deals with subjects a lot of young anime fans tend to shy away from. I like it a lot, though, and am looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Thanks to stuckintraffik for raving about this series, and I hope he manages to finish his "Testing, 1,2,3" AMV for it soon.
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