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pretty much what I expected

USVETS never answered their phone, and in fact it went straight to voice mail before disconnecting because the voice mail was full. I would have dropped by the office, but since it was in an apartment off SE Atlantic Street, I decided to skip that dubious pleasure and just go to the VA community resource office at Franklin Street NE. There I sat around for 45 minutes before getting the answer I expected - they didn't have any housing vouchers or actual housing available in Virginia. Most of their resources are in DC, which isn't too surprising, I guess, and frankly I felt a little guilty seeing guys there who were obviously dragging their worldly belongings around in a small rolling suitcase, coming in for a shower or to do laundry. Came out of it with a couple of lists of resources and a printout from Craigslist, which is less useful than it sounds. Well, I'll make some calls tomorrow after perusing CL for rooms in the area, and hope for the best. In the meantime, packing up more boxes, since I didn't get any done over the weekend.
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