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the last week in the burrow

Well, it was a good Thanksgiving down at the Taylor place in Luray, which actually extended over two days since they had some other friends who came on Friday and brought a bunch of pasta with them. Despite this and other poor choices, I managed to lose weight while I was down there and my morning BG is actually better this morning than it was last week before I went down. My head is also in a better space, and I chalk that up to time away from the internet and time spent with Princess, General Taylor's boxer. There were some other dogs there on Thanksgiving, notably Rocky, who belongs to Mark's younger sister Kathleen, but Princess was around the most and best at proving Groucho Marx's dictum about books and dogs.

Speaking of too dark, the General's place seemed to get dark earlier in the evening and light earlier than it does here in the apartment, though Mark assures me this is just an artifact of the time change and maybe some seasonal affective disorder kicking in. This made it feel like we were staying up all night when in fact it was only 9 PM; the effect on me was that I went to bed earlier and slept longer, and this was Good. I also spent a lot of time staying out of the way while people were cooking or touring the house, which meant sitting in the library with my right leg propped up, which did good things.

Packing continues now that I'm back, and I am operating on the assumption that I'll be moving into somebody's spare bedroom instead of a basement apartment, because the former is cheaper and will afford me less space to accumulate crap. I'll be heading downtown tomorrow to talk with the VA and USAVETS to see if either organization can help me out, either with actual housing (preferably in Virginia) or some other kind of housing assistance. Failing that, there seem to be plenty of rooms south of Alexandria within the desired price range, and some of them even have amenities like laundry and kitchen privileges, which frankly are a lot more important to me than whether a place has cable or exercise rooms or whatever. I don't think I'll have too much trouble finding affordable storage space; a 5x10 ought to hold what little furniture I'll be keeping (the couch, bookcases, tables, and a chair or two) along with all the boxes of stuff.

Just for the sake of amusement, I looked at the open accounting jobs in the VA. There's a lot of them, but nowhere near here; amusingly, a number of them seem to be in Madison or Milwaukee, with one in Reno and another in downstate Illinois. I think with that one, I'd find a place in Paducah or Evansville and commute. Screw Illinois and their fascist gun laws. Also checked the IRS, which seems to be looking to place people in Florida and Austin, Texas. I could live with Austin, I think. I'll take another look as the end of tax season looms, I think.
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