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Fringe benefits

Yeah, working on Christmas Eve isn't so great, but on the other hand, it only took me 20 minutes to drive in to work this morning - and that's counting a swing through the drive-through at McD's. I also got the normally unenviable job of testing a bunch of spare keyboards & mice to see if they still worked, and swapped out my crappy Evo keyboard for a nice generic Compaq kibo that feels better and doesn't have to be de-scunged the way the Evo kibo did. I could have had an ergonomic kibo, but testing it was clumsy enough that I didn't want to bother. When you've been using the standard 101-key model for 20+ years, anything different is just stress I don't need.

Extra bonus cool thing: We're getting out of here at 1:30 instead of the previously announced 2:30. I therefore repent of 5% of the evil I have desired for management. ~_^
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