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Out in the rain

So far Hurricane Sandy seems to be expending most of her fury out on the coast. The lights have flickered here occasionally, it's been raining all day, and the winds are getting pretty stuff - on the way home from Laurel after a brief chat with digex, I could feel the Toaster getting pushed by the occasional gust. Still, I managed to get home (with a stop at the Harris Teeter for cream, an Aim & Flame, and other necessities) without too much trouble.

Earlier today, I had my post-op followup appointment at the VA Medical Center, which unlike the rest of the Federal government was open for business - well, the clinics were, anyway. The vascular team seemed neither pleased nor unhappy with the state of my leg wounds; they sent me home with more Medihoney dressings, tape, and other wound care stuff, and I'll see them again in a couple of weeks.

Election judge training got rescheduled to Friday. Meh.

P and her fiance will be in town Saturday, and apparently aren't sticking around long. It'll be good to see them, regardless; probably going to take the day off from door-knocking so I can hang out with them, if they're amenable.

Finished The Protector's War and A Meeting At Corvallis; am now reading The Sunrise Lands. I did move Darkship Thieves onto the Kindle, finally. Also found out via the S.M. Stirling Appreciation Page on FB that SMS does not in fact use miniatures or wargames to do the battles in the Raj Whitehall or Change novels. I was already impressed, but this cranks it up a couple of notches. I have a hard time imagining how he keeps it all straight in his head, even with notes.
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