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Nose to the grindstone, finger on the trigger

Well, I didn't get out and do door-knocking today; the handful of trips across the street to the dumpster for trash disposal convinced me this was a Bad Plan. Also, I remembered that I only had a quarter-tank of gas left. So I guess I'll wait until they pay me for the the first week of walking and mileage so I can refuel the tank, and take it from there. I did manage to get rid of a couple boxes and several small bags of trash, though, which is good; also completed the disability application for the Commonwealth, which will go in the mail tomorrow.

Filling some of my idle time with Bioshock, which is more addictive/immersive than it should be.

Finished The Killing Machine and am now reading The Palace of Love for my bedtime book. Amazon appears to have all of the Demon Princes novels out in Kindle editions, as well as the Planet of Adventure series, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Seriously, somebody should have made both of these into anime series.

Surprisingly, I have lost some weight while the scale was taking up space in the galley. I'm down to 353 from almost 360 towards the end of September when the scale got moved. Going to try and stick more diligently to the diet and see how far below 340 I can get by the beginning of November.
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