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Sarah Silverman and the Rabbi

Instapundit linked to this essay by Rabbi Rosenblatt taking the comedienne to task for her political videos, and also not getting married and having kids, which he sees as the root of her problems, or her comedy. I get the impression Reb Rosenblatt doesn't see much of a difference.

I haven't seen the videos, and don't intend to; I've never thought Silverman was funny and have consciously avoided her, especially after this business back in 2008. Unfortunately, you can't completely avoid this yenta and her indecent proposals, just like you can't avoid Jon Stewart and his "clown nose on/clown nose off" approach to political punditry. The whole mess is symptomatic of a snarky, mean-spirited turn in political comedy and punditry alike that blurs the line between the two, and I for one don't care for it. Yes, the nuts and bolts of politics can be pretty dull and boring, but trying to sex it up with appearances on Letterman or, conversely, having comics whore themselves out to politicians isn't the answer. I think it adds to the problem, in fact, because people who don't pay much attention start confusing comedic yawps for actual fact and Saturday Night Live impressions for actual politicians. Makes it tough to have a serious conversation with people when you know they've been getting their information from The Daily Show and similar reputable sources, and I've long since given up on it.

Anyway, I won't be as harsh as Professor Reynolds, because despair is a sin, and who knows? Maybe Silverman will actually read what the rabbi has to say. Maybe it'll change her life.
Stranger things have happened.
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