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Choking at the last possible minute

And it started so well, with the Nationals pounding Wainwright for six runs early, and holding a substantial lead up through the seventh...until Drew Storen blew the save and the game in the top of the ninth, and the boys turned out not to have one more rally left in the tank. Well, you can't expect to walk eight guys and not have some of them come across the plate. Maybe next year.

Went in this morning for the surgery, which turned out to involve microwaves instead of lasers; in any case, it went well, and the doctor (not Doc Laredo, King Of the Leg Cutters, but someone he was teaching) changed the orders for what I'm supposed to be dressing the right leg wound with; apparently there is a new dressing that has honey in it, which will be better for the crater on my right calf. Good thing it's getting into the chilly part of the fall, otherwise OH GOD BEEES. I drove home from the medical center, ate lunch, and promptly crashed for about six hours. Going to do some more of that in a few minutes, because even if I'm not well enough to do much walking tomorrow, they still might need me to drive. We'll see.

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