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53. Funny, it feels a lot like 52.

So I get home from driving and door-knocking in Woodbridge and Dumfries yesterday, eat some dinner and crash at 2100 with every intention of getting up at 0300 to do my usual weekday blogging - and it didn't happen. I slept straight through until 0900. Well, I guess I needed it, but it wasn't the way I wanted to spend the first part of my 53rd birthday.

In other news, I guess I won't be going back to NVCC any time soon. They rejected my financial aid appeal and said not to submit any more until I'd finished six classes without failing or withdrawing. Of course, I have just six classes left to finish my AAS degree, so applying for financial aid after that would be dumb and useless. Guess I'll just have to scrape up the $500 (between tuition, fees and books) for each class and peck away at it over time; any roads, it's a good thing I did all the hard accounting courses up front, so that all I have left are things like Introduction to Business, Intorduction to Data Processing, and other introductory-level courses.

Also, the VA called to reschedule my leg zapping. We'll be doing that Friday morning at 0730, and they say that since they'll just be applying local anesthesia I'll be able to drive home afterward. Sure hope they're right.

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