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long day at the ballpark

Well, it was a good game (Nationals won 5-1) and best of all, Teddy finally won the Presidents' Race, after 538 straight losses. True, he got a significant assist from a phake Philly Phanatic, who ran out of the stands and took out George, Tom and Abe, but a win is a win. :)

Getting there and back wasn't nearly as fun. I emptied out the piggy bank (actually an old Norwest Bank coffee cup) and rode the bus to the Van Dorn Metro Station, changed at King Street to the Yellow Line, and got off at the Archives to take the 74 bus to the park as recommended by Metro. Unfortunately, what they didn't mention on the trip planner is that the 74 doesn't actually stop at the park; its closest approach is Half Street & O, which I wish I'd known before I got on the damn bus. For some reason, there aren't any buses that run on South Capitol Street past the park, so your closest approach is the 74 or one of the buses that runs on M Street a couple of blocks away. As for the Navy Yard Metro station, it's invariably mobbed with several thousand Nationals fans and whatever tourists are in town, and I just can't stand around that long. So, I wound up walking from 2nd and N Street (which doesn't actually go through to South Capitol) over to the park and then halfway around the stadium to get my pin and find my seat under the scoreboard. It was a good seat, too, four rows up from the rail with a great view of the field; section 243, row D, for those of you scoring at home. Edwin Jackson did a good job holding down the Phillies; Morse, Zimmerman and Tyler Moore jacked homers into the seats, and just about everyone got a little playing time. I didn't stick around to try and catch whatever they were throwing into the stands after the game; I was tired and wanted to go home, and so I legged it to M Street and caught a V7 bus to L'Enfant Plaza, which I've been through frequently but never actually stopped at. From there, I took the Metro one stop south to the Pentagon and wound up riding home on an 8W bus, which dropped me off right across the street from the burrow. Yeah, I suppose I could have taken the Metro all the way back to King Street and caught the Foxchase shuttle home, but I didn't want to stand on the Metro any longer than I had to. Ate a burger and went to bed.

This morning, I'm still pretty tired from the unexpected exercise (and my legs hurt, unsurprisingly) so I think I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours. Still haven't heard from Stacy, so I guess we're not doing the road trip to the NRA/Romney-Ryan thing in Fishersville. Well, I'm not, anyway. Going to stay home and concentrate on throwing things away, since the suits were displeased at all the clutter.
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