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Into October

Made the drive down to Woodbridge today to turn in my latest SAP appeal, which addresses point-by-point the reasons they refused the last appeal. Didn't see anyone this time, but that was okay.

Carpet contractor didn't show up, but I did get a visit from three Aimco suits who were apparently following up on it. One of them was concerned at all the stuff I have in the apartment and said I was probably violating the fire code. I'm dubious about that, but it probably wouldn't hurt to get rid of the Costco boxes and some of the other stuff that's been sitting around waiting for me to throw it out.
I should probably talk to Carlos about getting some of the bins into storage, for that matter.

Blew through The Apocalypse Codex last night. No afterword in this Laundry novel, but that's okay; it wasn't all that hard to figure out who Persephone Hazard and her sidekick Johnny are. I don't actually get most of the complaints by the reviewers on Amazon, especially the ones who thought Stross' atheism was leaking into the book; it seemed rather obvious to me that the plot revolved around a cult using the trappings of modern evangelical Protestantism to achieve its evil goals, as opposed to Stross having his characters claim that this was true of ALL Christian religions. Well, people will interpret texts as they will, and there's nothing to be done about it. I for one am looking forward to seeing how Bob does as he moves up the ladder.

Also finished this weekend: Singularity Sky and The Lion Game, which is anthologized with a number of other Telzey Amberdon stories in an eponymous Baen Books collection.


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Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
The best? Wow, that'd be a tough call for me to make. I'm pretty fond of the middle two books, myself.

Going to disagree with you on Bob's increased powers. He's being fast-tracked into a lead role in the fight against CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN, and even if you don't want to get all :tinfoil: and assume that Stross is gaming out his plots, it does make sense for him to be learning more and increasing his abilities as he survives more of these adventures on the edge.

Can't help wondering when Pinky (or Brains) is going to install a SCORPION STARE app on Bob's iPhone. :)
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