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Stuff that didn't happen

Well, I was expecting to go downtown yesterday, have my veins lasered, and maybe stay overnight at Uncle Eric's, but I didn't get the usual phone call to confirm on Wednesday and nobody called me back yesterday when I tried to confirm with the vascular clinic. So that didn't happen.

I also didn't make it down to Woodbridge to submit my third appeal for financial aid, and my hallway is still ripped up waiting for the carpet contractor to finish the job now that everything's all dried out. Hopefully that'll get done today so I can move the scale and the stack o' crates back where they belong; this will allow me to use my galley again, since they are living in the tiny space between the dishwasher and the counter making it pretty much impossible to do anything.

I did finish The Emperor's Finest, one of the Caiaphas Cain novels set in the grim, dark Warhammer 40K universe. As usual, there's some comedy mixed in with the rather serious combat as Commissar Cain (and his faithful, odoriferous sidekick, Gunner Jurgen) tags along with the Reclaimers chapter of the Space Marines as they deal with genestealer infestations on a farmworld and aboard a space hulk that has a few unpleasant surprises for Cain and the Reclaimers. The comedy element stems mostly from a governor's daughter who attaches herself to Cain with ulterior motives and (in contrast to Inquisitor Vail) isn't nearly as competent as she thinks she is. As usual, a fine mix of hilarity and bloody close-quarters combat; it may be formulaic but it's still a lot of fun. Have to admit I was somewhat surprised to find a blurb by David Drake on the back cover, but it should be an encouragement to Drake fans to give Cain a look if they haven't already.

Also finished Charles Stross' Saturn's Children, already reviewed here.

Currently plowing through In the Stormy Red Sky (previously reviewed here) ; it's been a very busy two years since the last time I read it, and there's a lot that I'd forgotten, so it's like reading it for the first time. Almost. I'd forgotten a lot of the political stuff that goes on in this iteration of the RCN series, but there are scenes here and there that are starting to look familiar.

Time to pound out an updated version of the financial aid appeal and get rolling.
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