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declogulation and everything after

Well, last night was just one of those nights. The toilet decided to jam up and flood the bathroom, and since the floor isn't precisely level here, it all drained into the carpet outside the bathroom while I was attacking the problem with a plunger - which I had to run out for; first time in almost five years I'd needed one. So today I filed a request with maintenance to have someone come in with a wet-dry shop vac and extract all the water, but it looks like they're going to replace the carpeting and the pad as well. In the meantime, it smells a wee bit foul in here, though I'm not sure if that's the wet carpet or lymph fluid leaking out of my legs and into me trews.

No call today from the VA about tomorrow's appointment, but no matter; I'll pack a bag and my netbook, trundle on down there and see what happens. Worst case, I'm downtown at the VA for a few hours until the traffic clears up.

Took the gift card from yesterday's focus group down to B&N, picked up copies of Sandy Mitchell's The Emperor's Finest and David Drake's In the Stormy Red Sky , which left me with $7 and change on the card. Didn't see anything else there that I wanted to spend actual money on (even another $2-3) although the omnibus reprint of C.J. Cherryh's The Faded Sun Trilogy was mighty tempting.

The school rejected my second appeal for financial aid, so I guess I'll beat my head on that particular wall again tomorrow. Once more to Woodbridge, with a pocket full of quarters...

Time to get something for dinner.
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