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Free books and stuff

Thanks to beavering away at various surveys and playing Planet Baen, I picked up a couple of e-books this weekend.

I'd been looking forward to Lord of Mountains ever since finishing The Tears of the Sun. I wonder if Stirling took some of the criticisms of the latter novel to heart, because Lord of Mountains seems much tighter than its predecessor. There are far fewer POV characters, the action is more tightly focused on Artos' climactic battle against the CUT/Boise alliance, and Artos himself spends more time at center stage. Now to wait for the next one. :/

Planet Baen brought me David Drake's The Way to Glory, which I thought I might have read already, but after skimming the first chapter and not recognizing anything in it, I cashed in my voucher and downloaded it. So far it's pretty entertaining, with quite a bit of Cinnabar politics mucking up the works for young Lieutenant Leary and his friend Warrant Officer Mundy, the most lethal librarian in the RCN universe - if not all universes.

Oh, look what's finally available as an MP3 download from Amazon. Gangnam Style.

Aside from all this, I did huge quantities of laundry and dishes too, all while the Nationals got Gio win #20 and reduce the magic number to six.
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