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a weekend of limited achievements

Went out yesterday to buy a replacement bulb for the bedroom nightstand lamp, which blew out last week. Damn thing cost almost $4 at Home Depot; giving serious thought to just setting up the other floor lamp in there and using a spare power strip as an on/off switch. The bulb costs would be lower, I'm sure, especially if I went with a 75-watt bulb, which would be perfectly adequate.

Bad news is that the zipper on one pair of my compression stockings broke; good news is that I've apparently shed enough weight that I can roll it on and off without needing the zipper. Still, I need to find the card for the agent who does these.

Finished re-reading King David's Spaceship, went through Birth of Fire and The Duke of Uranium after that. Debating whether I want to read the rest of the Jak Jinnaka books after that.

Going to take another stab at getting financial aid this week; guess I'll need to print out my CPA exam results and hand those in as a response to the MOAR DOX OM NOM NOM demand from the financial aid office, since as usual they give no clue as to what they want. Right now my school in-box has a request that I fill out a survey on how the financial aid office has served me, and I'm letting it sit for a few days while I cool off, since the immediate reaction was "Served? SERVED? More like WANGED, you [expletives deleted]!"

Also on the to-do list: poking at the website again, answering more help wanted ads from Craigslist, and doing a little cleanup around here. But first, breakfast, I think.
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