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A little brightness amongst all the gloom

So while things have been pretty depressing of late, what with the lack of work and all, there have been some things to be happy about.
The sunburn is nearly healed, the weight I put on last week is almost all gone, and the Nationals' magic number is 11.

There is a website devoted to John F. Carr's sequels to Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, complete with a page devoted one of the battles depicted in The Siege of Tarr-Hostigos. Sadly, they didn't use the Down Styphon! rules. Apparently all the sequels published by Pequod Press are available, but considering they all cost north of $50 apiece, I really wish they'd authorize some Kindle versions.

JoePos and Rany Jazayerli have different opinions on the Stephen Strasburg Shutdown, which to me is a tempest in a teapot since Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson have already made the decision and nobody else's opinion matters. Still, I think Rany has a good point, and as the inventor of Pitcher Abuse Points it may be a very good one.

P noodged me into firing off more resumes, which to be honest I'd given up on. I also got some useful advice from smitty1e about the website, which I should follow through on.
Maybe after this morning's nap.
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