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farewell to a diplomat

I didn't know him very well.

When I joined Goonfleet in 2007 he was already one of the top guys in the Swarm. Vile Rat was the chief diplomat and a serious player in the metagame that the Mittani was was playing as head of the GIA and I was just a newbee scrub running around losing ships hilariously...and, somehow, helping conquer huge chunks of space. But as the Mittani says, what Vile Rat was doing shaped the course of the game in ways that left our opponents wondering what had happened long after they'd been left by the side of the tracks in a burning pile of wreckage. So, it's not like we were close friends or good buddies or anything like that. I'm not even sure I met him at one of the Goonmeets we had here in DC, though his face looks familiar...then again, at my age, all the faces start looking familiar after a while.

I haven't played EVE in a couple of years, and haven't even logged into the forums in months. Still, to lose one of our people like this, in such a fucked-up place, to a bunch of primitive screwheads for bullshit reasons...it does hurt.

I hope whoever it was that killed him dies slowly, horribly, and soon.
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