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The Fish, and everything after

It turns out PRSFS wasn't last Friday night, but this Friday night. Still unsure if I want to go.

I went to bed around 0100 Saturday morning after downloading the files for the FMJRA, and for no reason that I can think of slept clear through to 1600 the next day. The rest of Saturday was pretty much of a muddle, and I went to bed at midnight hoping to get eight hours of sleep before heading out to the ballgame.

Instead, I woke up after about six hours, tossed and turned for an hour, then gave up and got up to start getting ready for the game. Ate breakfast and got downtown to parking area HH, arriving around 1100 and forking out my $5. It was a bit of a walk to the park, and I noticed that I could have found parking on K and L Streets, but by then it was too late. Since the park doesn't actually open completely until noon, I hung around for half an hour reading my Kindle until they opened section 236, where my seat was. It was an okay seat with a great view, but unfortunately it was fully exposed to the sun, and the clouds that had helped moderate the evil rays of the Day Star were completely gone by the fifth inning. So by the time the torture was over (Nats shut out 8-0 by the Fish) I had a decent case of sunburn on my face and arms. Surprisingly, the walk back to the parking lot didn't bother me much. I can remember when I would have had to stop and either stretch/rest my back or pause to catch my breath, and I didn't have to do that on the way to or from the park, which came as a surprise considering that it was a seven-block walk each way and the equivalent of another block getting to my seat. Lessons learned - if I'm going to go down to the park that early, I should look around for available meters closer to the park, and if I'm going to sit out in the sun all afternoon, I should wear a long-sleeved shirt and maybe get some sunblock for my face. I'm dealing okay with it thanks to Tylenol and some leftover sunburn spray, but it would have been better not to.

Got up to do blogging this morning and wound up sleeping for another six hours after that.

Been playing Planet Baen, which is a somewhat simplistic sim about building a planetary colony; I'm in it more for the free e-books than anything else, though the game is a bit of a challenge.
So far I've cashed in my ill-gotten gains for a copy of Fires of Freedom, which combines Jerry Pournelle's Birth of Fire with King David's Spaceship. I have dead-tree copies of both, but the former (an original Laser Books edition) is getting very worn and the latter is MIA. I suspect I'll be doing more of this.

Currently reading: Great Kings' War.
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