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halfway through the weekend

Finished the last of the RTRP classes today; these dealt with Other Taxes (one hour) and with ethics, due diligence, and all the horrible things that can happen to you if the IRS decides you're being a stupid dick. A lot of it reminded me, unsurprisingly, of the ethics sections from various Becker exam prep classes. The upshot of the whole thing is that I think I'm going to download a copy of Circular 230*, copy it to my Kindle, and read it obsessively until I take the RTRP exam sometime in October or November. In the meantime, I have some online exams to take for these classes and the Intermediate Sole Proprietorship class that ended Tuesday.

I would have done those things (and filed my financial aid appeal as well) by now, but I have been very fatigued this week. Temperature's not up and there's none of the telltale redness anywhere on my bod, so maybe it's just stress and not bacteria...not yet, anyway. Need to wrap this up and make a feeble attempt to get my sleep cycle straightened out (again) so the chances of that happening are reduced. On a related topic, the support stockings from Medi don't fit as well as the custom stockings I got earlier in the year, and they're a lot harder to put on since they're one-piece stockings and don't have zippers.

I'm continuing to make my way through Clockwork Angels a chapter or two at a time. I've actually spent more time reading tax-related texts of one sort or another, and Bill James' Historical Baseball Abstract otherwise.

*which is all about the professional responsibilities of tax preparers, the distinctions between RTRPs, enrolled agents, CPAs and supervised preparers (people who don't sign the returns but do all the other work), ethics, different ways of screwing up professionally and/or ethically, and what happens to you when you do.
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