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Into August

Despite all appearances, life recently has not been all abut the cardboard counters and paper maps.

P was in town for the weekend, attending some MUD gathering that, frankly, it sounded like she would rather not have been at, but I too have driven/flown unreasonable distances for the sake of friends myself, so I don't exactly have room to criticize. Neither of us got much sleep Thursday night, but somehow we managed to survive the long drive from Dulles to the Amphora and then downtown to her hotel in DC via the mandatory fuel & fluids stop at Sheetz. I went home to nap and she crashed at the hotel, but I slept longer than she did and so wasn't unduly bothered when she asked me to run her out to Vienna so she could meet up with some former co-workers from the VDC. Driving home via the Beltway was a massive pain in the ass due to road work.

Saturday, of course, was eaten by friends and gaming.

Sunday I picked her up downtown noonish, and we fared forth to Manassas for some necessary shopping (her) before heading for The Best Wing Place Ever for brunch (wings, of course) and then a quick stop at Buzz for coffee before heading to DCA so she could catch her flight. I went home and just kind of noodled around; the heat just really drained all the energy out of me and I don't think I got anything accomplished before going to bed early.

Monday I got up at 0300, did coffee and blogging, and then about 0700 headed down to Ft. Belvoir. This was a bad move. I wound up sitting and stewing in the waiting area for an hour reading In the Lion's Mouth because I had forgotten to check my phone and see that the appointment was actually at 0900. Blood was drawn, urine donated, and off to home I went. Made some calls regarding phone and internet services for Plan C, completed a list of items digex had asked for in that connection, did some blogging that I should have tended to Sunday, and eventually went to bed around 1800 since the Nationals weren't playing.

I'm still feeling very tired today and am uncertain whether this is illness working on me, depression, or what. I guess I'll find out one way or the other on Thursday.
Tags: family drama, food, medical stuff
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