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On a happier note...

I'll be heading over to my droog Mark Taylor's place to meet up with cipherpunk and do some gaming, maybe even some wargaming since I managed to find War In The Ice, Invasion America and what looks like two copies of Conquistador in the course of rummaging through the stacks of wargames and matching up maps and counters and rules last night. That was kind of pleasant, even if I didn't manage to hook up all the parts of all the games. Still need to go through the old-fashioned SPI trays and sort out about a dozen games whose pieces have become hopelessly mixed up; this will require a bunch of magazine-sized envelopes and snack baggies, because while I'm doing that I'll also have to find new homes for games like The Company War whose boxes have fallen apart - or soon will, like Hof Gap, which is presently home to all the Central Front series games except Nordkapp.

Still missing the Japanese counters for Burma, everything for Operation Crusader but the rules books, and let's not even start on the crawling chaos that is The Next War or War in Europe...both of those are likely to be just left to rot, since playing those solitaire would be madness when there are equivalent/superior scenarios on The Operational Art of War. I also wonder what became of my copy of Citadel, the surprisingly fun GDW game on the siege of Dien Bien Phu. In the meantime, though, I have all the parts for Manchu, China Incident, and a dozen other games; better yet, I have people to play them against. I am a happy man. :)
Tags: friends, wargaming
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