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Good food. Okay film. Excellent sleep.

What with one thing and another, I was about 20 minutes late for sushi with danae, jenniwoz and the gang at Ichiban, and wound up sitting in front of the sushi chef' s escape hatch because of that, but it was no big deal. The obaasan in charge even got me an armless chair so that I didn't feel like I was being engulfed by a python that was trying to eat me ass-first. The sushi was excellent as usual; lots of yummy eel, good rolls in several varieties, and lotsa shrimp in addition to the seared tuna. Very much worth the price of admission, and I felt no need for sherbet afterwards, no sir.

I then gave Brin a lift over to the Chateau, since I had no idea where it was and she needed a ride anyway, and after Boris finally arrived we settled down and watched Underworld, which was better than the reviews had led me to believe. I didn't stick around for Cannibal: The Musical since it was already midnight; hauled Brin over to her place in Falcon Heights and headed home by way of the Cub.

Original plan was to wake up at 0900 but this went out the window since there was really nothing that had to be done on Sunday morning, so I slept in until noon and went out with Melody about 2 PM to do some more Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. Mission accomplished except for pasta cheese, which I will get after the weekly run to Video Universe.


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Dec. 19th, 2004 05:22 pm (UTC)
Can anyone who liked Underworld explain one thing to me? Why would the Vampires choose Lychen/Werewolves, something that only changes during a full moon, to be their daytime guardians?

I have many other issues with that film (one being they chose the wrong perspective to tell the story from), but that issue had bugged me ever since I saw it. The Lychen in the film only learned to shift at will AFTER they rebelled, making them useless as daytime guards.

Makes no sense to me.
Dec. 19th, 2004 07:58 pm (UTC)
I don't know that they'd be completely useless in their human form. Most of them seemed to be pretty big & bulky even when not kickin' it doggie-style, and the ones that weren't were smart and tough. Still, yes - the way it was presented, it was one of the more notable plot holes. I'm not saying this was a great movie, in fact think the imdb.com rating that gives it ~6/10 overrates it some. It's okay eye candy.
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