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Fatigue poisoning

Seeing Kill Bill, getting my pro wrestling fix for the week, and talking education with Josh was good, but the staying up until 3 AM part kinda sucked, especially since I needed to be in Roseville at 9 to do bank business with tjstriker and drunkenphlower. Somehow I woke up at 7:30 even though the alarm didn't go off (why? I set it and the pin was pulled!) and managed to get to the bank before everyone else, which must be a first in AD/ATC history. Go me. *yawns*

Mailed out the last two straggler CDs from last week's auctions on the way back and felt wonderfully efficient whipping them through the automated postoffice gizmo while everyone else and their steamer-trunk size packages languished in line. Now I'm home, got a couple of LJ posts in, and am facing the fact that the rest of the day is essentially shot...I'm going to finish cleaning the shower and then I'm going back to bed. Groceries and laundry will be deferred until tomorrow morning because I have a social obligation tonight, and I want to be somewhat rested for that. *grabs sponge, heads off to bed via shower*
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