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Exile On Duke Street: Home Again

Power was on when I got home from McDonald's late Sunday night/Monday morning, and the AC cooled the apartment down right nicely once I shut the windows.
I gather some of my friends and acquaintances around here have not been so fortunate.

Threw out the cream, which had gone off, along with the eggs and mayo, which might have, and then headed out to Costco by way of the bank and Zask.
By the time I'd finished hauling the food (and a case of Diet Coke) back to the Toaster, I admitted defeat and turned o the AC, which meant the drive home was merely tedious instead of insufferable. We're supposed to get more thunderstorms over the next day or so, though it doesn't look like it'll help the temperature any.

I've finished the business plan for my freelance accounting/bookkeeping business and sent it off to friends who have more experience evaluating these things. Going to take it in to an SBA office and see if I can shake some money loose to help get the business off the ground.

Legs continue to improve. slowly but steadily. Unfortunately, eating out this weekend did the weight no good; I did manage to get my weight down to 340.8 before the power went out, but now it's back to work on the diet to fix the backsliding.

Currently re-reading Drake & Stirling's The Forge as well as Bill James' This Time Let's Not Eat The Bones.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, fat, medical stuff, weather, work
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