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"Turn it up there, Captain."

I had intended to go in early this morning and make up some time, but missed the early 597 and wound up taking the 554 instead. That route is one of those "express" buses that wanders though Bloomington, Richfield, and the southernmost fringes of Minneapolis before finally getting onto 35W for the last two miles into downtown. So I got into work a whole ten minutes early. Whee.

At least I made up some time yesterday. I was supposed to take my last half-day of leave for a doctor's appointment, but since the appointment wasn't until 2:45 I hung around until 2, taking a half-hour to eat lunch at my desk. The doctor was happy with the toes, less happy with what appears to be contact dermatitis on the top of my right foot. He gave me a prescription for that and sent me on my way. I headed home, stopping to refuel and mail out the packages to overseas buyers before getting home and stagnating for the night. I caught up on my AOL mail (sorry, Mark, your letter got eaten before I could reply to it), posted a policy decision about photoshoots to the AD forum, and finally won a game of Settlers online. Go me! I'm 3-15 now! :P

Tonight there will be some grocery shopping on the way home, some auctioning of CDs on eBay, and an early bedtime since I have to get up at the normal time so I can meet TJ and Jacqueline out in Roseville tomorrow to do bank stuff.
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