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under pressure

I've spent most of this week running back and forth to the VA medical center downtown or sleeping, but I do believe that on the fifth day of oral antibiotics, things are starting to look up for my poor suffering legs.

To recap, there had been oozings of a suspicious blue color in the bandages over last weekend, and on Sunday the bandages gave off a disgusting spoiled-meat smell. So I packed a couple changes of underwear and T-shirts into my backpack along with Netzilla and its peripherals, a bottle of water, and my Kindle, and so prepared trundled off to the VAMC downtown. There I spent about six hours in the emergency room before being sent home with starter packs of Keflex and Bactrim and some Vicodin for the pain. I did take one of the latter when I got home, and not only did it knock me out for about twelve hours, it erased my memory of the evening from the point at which I climbed into the Toaster to drive home from the hospital. Weird and unpleasant; it's a good thing I lost the damn pills, although I will probably find them when I clean the place up for the July PRSFS meeting.

Tuesday I went back to the VA to get the rest of the antibiotics and see the wound care nurse; she told me to come back Thursday when she'd try to squeeze me in during the normal clinic hours. Pharmacy triage claimed they were out of Bactrim, but when they handed over the bag it actually had both the Keflex and the Bactrim, so that was good.

Yesterday I went back again for the wound care clinic. There must have been a lot of no-shows, since the nurse saw me right around 1400 and had me out and on the road home by 1500. She cleaned the wounds, debrided them (with a scalpel *cringe*) and re-dressed them with Mepilex bandages, which not only have silver nanoparticles but absorb a metric fuckton of drainage. More of that is on the way. Nurse also directed me to start making with the compression sleeves again, which I will definitely be doing.

It should probably go without saying that there has been not even a rumor of work this week. On the other hand, I have a food stamp appointment on the 29th. So at least that will be covered.

Also, I thought I had finished this insane manga about mahjongg, Space Nazis, and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, but apparently it just KEEPS GOING.
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