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the hardest work there is

Well, it's been about a week since I finished the CPA exam, which means I only have 2-3 weeks more to wait until I find out whether I passed or not. In the meantime, this is looking an awful lot like a rerun of last summer, when I couldn't find any temporary work to save my life. Doubleplus ungood.

Aside from talking to staffing managers, there hasn't been much going on. The run to Brian's was good, even if Mark got the date wrong and had to be reminded; also, grilling the other 2 1/2 pounds of the bacon slab may not have been a good idea. Well, it'll get used up.

Probably going to head down and reapply for food stamps tomorrow if I don't get called to work.

Finished up the Emberverse novels and am now rereading Kratman & Ringo's The Tuloriad.
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