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Yeah, it's the holiday season

Went over to the Loop Station post office this morning (as I normally do on my morning break) to check the mailbox and ship out some of the CDs I've sold. Getting to the box was no problem, but man alive, there was a huge scrum of people at the entrance/exit to the post office counter area. Part of the reason for the snarl was that the people lined up to use the automated post offce (an integrated scale, postage printer & mailbox that takes plastic) were getting mixed in with the people trying to get to the counter line. I suggested that the people waiting for the automat line up along the wall it was on going back toward the other stamp machines, which helped, and one of the USPS guys came and pulled the hotel folks who were trying to Express Mail a baggage cart full of packages out of the line and up to one of the counters.

I don't think it would have been quite so bad except for the people who thought they'd get in and out faster by not taking care of business during their lunch hour. That trick never works for the simple reason that the Loop Station has all hands on deck over lunch because that's when everybody comes in, whereas in the morning and afternoon people are on break, working on other stuff, and not working the counter. So if you've been waiting to mail out your packages, get your act together and make use of all the automated crap the USPS has set up for you so you don't have to stand in line all day. This has been my public service announcement on behalf of the folks at the post office; I now return you to the usual bitching and moaning.
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