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And that's the end of that.

Went in, did the Regulatory part of the CPA exam yesterday, stopped in at The Compleat Strategist in Falls Church on the way home (yes, it's still open) to do some window shopping, then came home and crashed hard...slept from about 1600 to 0100 this morning, after which I got up and got caught up on some blogging that has been delayed by the internet outage on Sunday and the CPA exam this week. I think I did well on the tests, but I won't know for sure until the grades come back in 3-4 weeks from the Board of Accountancy.

I do have one last test this morning; the fourth unit test in Business Law. I think what I'm going to do is just take a short nap, re-read the chapter objectives for the last three chapters, and have at it. Between that and having gone through the regulatory part of the CPA yesterday (which is half business law, half taxes) I reckon I can muddle through.

And after that, I guess I'll need to update my file with Accountemps and talk to them about things to do until the CPA arrives. I'm still in an awkward place in the job market - all kinds of experience, but no accounting degree, and no offsetting CPA. Maybe being a candidate waiting for results will count for something. Maybe it won't. Anyway, I am sick to death of classes, and if I can avoid having to go back for a couple more semesters at NVCC just for the sake of finishing the AA, so much the better.

Finished April at 339, down seven pounds from the beginning of the month. Perhaps predictably, I put some it back on, but that's coming back off, and assuming there's work out there for me, I can get back on a regular schedule and do a better job of sticking to the diet. In related news, the VA sent me a big box of bandages, gauze, and paper tape, and the new compression stockings are awesome, so I have some faint hope of getting the leg ulcers healed up before the end of summer and getting some pool time in.

Finished the first Emberverse trilogy (Dies The Fire, The Protector's War, and A Meeting At Corvallis) and am now working on the second trilogy (The Sunrise Lands, The Scourge of God, and The Sword Of The Lady).

Block came through pretty quickly with my commission payment; unfortunately about a third of it was eaten by taxes, and I'd forgotten about my last week of pay, but it was better than nothing.
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