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Wet Sunday, no baseball

Made decent progress on clearing the business law homework backlog, and started to review the Becker Financial material. Today will be mostly about reviewing the relevant chapters for Tuesday's unit test in Accounting.

The Nationals canceled today's game with the Marlins, probably because after raining all night it's looking like it's going to rain all day too. Which is too bad, but we get out of the weekend series with a sweep. Somewhat related: John Lannan, who has been exiled to Rochester, may be going to Boston if the Red Sox have any brains. The Yankees have been bashing the BoSox pitchers so hard this weekend that the starters are mumbling in tongues when they come off the mound, and the bullpen's been doing even worse. There's already speculation that Bobby V's days may not be long in the land of the bean and the cod. My fantasy team is only in its third week of head-to-head matches, which aren't working quite the way I thought they did -it's more like football than baseball in that regard- so it's really too early to tell how I'm doing there.

Stuff I've been reading lately that isn't about accounting or business law: Larry Niven's Tales of Known Space and Scatterbrain, Neil Gaiman's American Gods, and Charles Stross' The Trade Of Queens, which I still like quite a bit in spite of some Grauniad-inspired caricatures of conservative icons.
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