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Hey, look, it's the mouth of the tunnel!

Or is it?

I've been planning for the last few months to take the CPA exam next Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and 24, but between the late arrival of my Metro State transcript at the Board of Accountancy and not paying for the exams themselves until late Monday night, there's a possibility that NASBA is going to tell me I'll be taking the exam some other time. Later in the month or maybe next month, even. Still, I'm going ahead and preparing for it, going over the Becker stuff, doing flashcards, reviewing my notes, and all that. If I have more time to study, that'll be good, and if I don't, that's pretty much what I was expecting.

Yesterday, unfortunately, was eaten by snakes or a relapse of the flu. I went to bed about 2300, intending to get up at 0300 and do the morning linkagery for Stacy but didn't wake up until 0630. Felt tired and achy, didn't get much done, and wound up going to bed around 1800 after dinner instead of going to accounting class. Needless to say, I blew off the morning law class as well. Thursday will be better, to say nothing of today; after 9+ hours of sleep I feel much better, with only a little achiness in the neck. Going to take two Tylenols and drive on.

One of the things I am going to do today is visit the prosthetics shop at the VA Medical Center downtown so I can swap out the lightweight compression stockings (more like knee-high panty hose and even less useful) for the heavy-duty compression stockings they gave me a few years ago. Need to get enough of those so I'm not having to wash them every other day.

Surprised to see that Block is paying me early, but also gratified - assuming that the Daily Activity Report is correct, I'll clear a little over $300 in commission for the year's work.
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