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T-1 and done

Eleven hours in the tax mines today, most of it spent with paying customers, and I am so glad to be done with this tax season. Had a big return, a bunch of little ones, and one where I literally had to sit the client down in my cube, hand her my handkerchief and tell her to blow her nose before we got started because she was having a nervous breakdown in the lobby. I felt good about that one, even though I'm not going to get much in the way of commission out of it; managed to get the hapless victim of our online software down from owing $4000 to the feds and $1000 each to Pennsylvania and Virginia to owing $2400 to Uncle Sam and $450 to Virginia. Oh, and a $15 refund from New Jersey. I advised herto go home, call Kansas City, scream at them about how worthless their software is, and demand a refund.

On a less cheerful note, the manager gave me a mediocre review in which he suggested that if I couldn't work full-time next tax season I should maybe go to some other office. Yeah, right.
We'll see how that works. I have no idea who (if anyone) I'll be working for next year, but I rather doubt they're going to give me a leave of absence during tax season so I can work the swing shift at Foxchase six days a week just to keep him happy. As usual, some of the old pros want me to be an office manager and replace him, but I want a couple more years doing taxes (and hopefully making decent commission) before I do that, if I do that.

Since I have class in the morning I'm going to do my linkagery tonight and get a full night's sleep, or something that feels kinda like one.
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