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Ten days before the madness ends

I'm getting incrementally better every day as this bout with the flu wanes; this morning I felt like death warmed over when I woke up, but after a cup of coffee and some water I felt a lot better. Time to throw my clothes in the laundry, since I have a bad case of the out-of-its in the clothing department and there's a possibility I'll need to stop in at the tax mines for a couple hours this afternoon.

Last night went fairly well; knocked out three 1040Xs for a friend (manually, since I couldn't figure out how to beat TPS into submission and make it do what I wanted) and did a couple of returns that should keep me ahead of the commission v. wage curve. Also made progress on a couple of other returns, one of which is pretty much done and the other of which is dribbling along slowly since TPS keeps asking for dates and numbers for this that and the other thing. So that's going well, at least.

In my infrequent spare time I've been re-reading The Complete Hammer's Slammers on my Kindle as well as Emperor Pius Dei, the most recent Schlock Mercenary collection. Pretty good stuff, and I really need to do a post on the former.

Dithering over whether I want to drive down to Charles County for a classmate's birthday party/class reunion tonight. Still not feeling great as the flu isn't completely gone, and I'm thinking I should conserve my gas for other, more important things. Like, driving to Woodbridge on Tuesday for law class.

Haven't bought any music in a while, though Amazon has a Lacuna Coil album (Dark Adrenaline) on sale for $5. I'm also supposed to be getting some of bam2's rave mixes from geekboyonline; should probably poke him to remind him what that green thumb drive is for. :)

On to the laundry.
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