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Stumbling toward the mouth of the tunnel

There hasn't been much to post about, since I haven't been doing very much exciting or interesting in between the posts previously made this month. I am finally done with the Becker CPA review classes, which means all I have left are flash cards, cheat sheets, homework, and studying from now until April 23 when I take the first half of the CPA exam. This is, of course, assuming that Metro State coughs up the transcript I ordered back in January for the Board of Accountancy, which they appear not to have done yet. Or maybe they did and the Post Awful lost it. Either way, I need to get another copy to the Board so they can clear me to test, after which I'll fork out the money for the exam.

In the meantime I am continuing to plug along at Business Law and Intermediate Accounting II. Passed the second unit test in Law with a 102 (must have scored some serious extra credit there) and the second IAII test is next Tuesday. Studying for this is getting done in between the Becker stuff, and I'm keeping up.

At the tax mines, I'm putting some extra hours on the clock even though I'm not on the schedule, which I kind of have to do since I've had a number of drop-off returns from friends and prior clients. If you haven't gotten your return taken care of, well, you have 24 days left. If you're not in the DC area I can still help you, though it'll be a little more awkward and time-consuming all around. Still on track to make commission, though how much is a good question since my numbers and the two numbers Block shows on the website don't match up. Anyhow, depending on my class schedule in April, I may skip some classes and hang around the tax mines, whether or not the manager schedules me. Or I may not. We'll see.

Didn't do anything for St. Patrick's Day except stay in and avoid the crowds of drunken idiots. Didn't even do the corned beef thing - waited until Monday for that and picked up a three-pound brisket at Harris Teeter, which I baked instead of boiling since I didn't bother to pick up cabbage, onions or carrots to go with and the potatoes of course are Right Out. In other food related news, P sent me a massive 5-pound slab of pepper bacon, which I have been invited to bring up to chez Edminster so that we may properly fry the living daylights out of it. We've tentatively decided to do this the weekend after the CPA exam, since all previous weekends will be spent studying for the exam and/or working on taxes.

Apropos of nothing, have a Katy Perry video (h/t Terminal Lance on FB)
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