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closer to the payoff

Very productive last night in the tax mines; actually cashed out five returns in the seven hours I was there, which gets me closer to earning some commission this year. The commission system is fairly Byzantine, factoring in the value of the returns I've done, whether I sell the undercoatingPeace of Mind Plan, how long I've been around, what my credentials are, retention...the report is about a page long and somewhat mind-boggling until you understand what's going on. Anyway, I need to be making over $9 in commission for every hour that I'm on the clock, since they're paying me $9/hour to sit in my cube and vegetate, and if I can keep doing five returns every Friday from now until April 17 I'll actually collect some commission, and that will be a Good Thing.

Becker's Business course started this morning; I was a little late, partially due to being stuck behind this little old lady in a Mini Cooper who was driving about 2 MPH. B1 was about evenly split between Sarbanes-Oxley and cost accounting, and I foresee many many flashcards coming from this since B1 is mostly brute-force memorizations with a few mnemonics here and there. Fuck SOX, seriously. No amount of law is going to stop people who are basically corrupt. :(

In other news, I forgot to mention that I managed to trip over my own feet on my way to accounting Tuesday night and made a four-point landing on the ramp up to the second floor of the Bisdorff Building; got a nice case of road rash on my right forearm and a sore right knee for my pains. The abrasions have mostly healed over, but the knee still twinges a lot. It'll pass, and in the meantime I'm eating more Tylenol.

Speaking of eating, I should do something about lunch.
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