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A couple of reasons why you should be reading Jerry Pournelle's blog

On Obama's recent recess appointments. I really should have remembered this from Constitutional Law - well, that was back in 1987. Maybe not. The same post has some interesting observations about the evolution of both parties away from the precinct-level political clubs who used to do all the heavy lifting in election campaigns. He doesn't go on to draw what seems like an obvious conclusion: as the parties become more and more under the sway of professional political types and their consultant allies, the acrimony and vileness ratchets up, because those of us involved in politics aren't dealing with our neighbors any more. We're dealing with Those Assholes Over There. You know, Them. If the Coffee Party wasn't so obviously an astroturf attempt to pull in and smother the Tea Party, I'd have more sympathy with its aims, but it is and I don't.

On the Marine urination kerfluffle. He's led men in combat and I have not, but we agree - these may not be the brightest bulbs on the tree, but they can fight, and we need Marines who can fight. God knows the Taliban have done far worse to those unfortunate enough to fall into their hands, though the media and our Cabinet officials seem blissfully unaware of this.
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