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omg, it's only Tuesday?

So tired right now...of course, I've been up since 0330 and have driven from here to IAD and back. Saw P off to PSC (change at Detroit and SLC) this morning after breakfast and rental car return; spent the rest of the day at the college trying to unfuck my financial aid, which got put on hold after my GPA fell less than a tenth of a point under the 2.0 minimum. Honestly, preparing the paperwork (including drafting the appeal letter) took less time than waiting to turn it in. The school FA office has a policy against students just dropping off paperwork, on the grounds that this way they can make sure everything is filled out properly, has supporting dox, etc., but good God, one spends a lot of time in that office waiting to see the counselors. Tomorrow I'll be going down to Woodbridge to tweak my schedule, since the only thing hobbled at this point is my ability to buy books from the bookstore, and I already have the Most Important book, which is to say the Intermediate Accounting II text. Everything else is getting rented for the Nook Study once the appeal goes through next week.

Also on the agenda tomorrow is firing off application to state Board of Accountancy to take CPA exam in April, and finishing application to Becker for live, in person exam prep classes since we all know I suck at online classes. Also also rent payment. Maybe stop by Costco.

In the meantime, dinner, after which I'm going to crash like Admiral Yamamoto's bomber in the jungle.
Tags: family drama, school
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