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this is where the fun stopped

Sometime over the weekend, it occurred to me that I should probably take a break from writing about my military career, possibly permanently. Most of the funny stories and amusing anecdotes I have from my time in uniform date back to my active duty time anyway, and I've written most of those up already on e2.

The remaining decade or so that I spent in the Reserve and Guard as a weekend warrior didn't have a lot of good times, at least not ones I can stick a place and time and date onto. I spent a lot of time fighting to stay in against various individual and institutional pressures to get my fat butt out of uniform, and not all of those pressures were coming from the Army. Maybe later I'll want to go over that and write it down, for the sake of my own peace of mind or for other therapeutic reasons - but today is not the day, and I don't see that day coming around again for a while.

Part of my reluctance to plod on with this is because of what's been going on with P and Mr. F and their decision to leave e2 and their staff positions on it. P got me into e2, and now that she's not there any more, I find myself less interested in posting there, even though there is a sizable group of people who like my writing, especially when I write about things military and particularly when I'm writing about my misadventures in the 331st. Maybe later. Maybe not. We'll see.
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