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That was the year that was, 2011 edition

Overall, it was a good year. My health continued to improve, with only one short stay in the hospital and a couple rounds of outpatient antibiotic therapy for leg issues. I made a lot of progress toward the CPA, even though I failed a number of classes, and also made some small progress toward moving up the ladder at H&R Block. Interestingly, my experience in the tax mines seems to be attracting the attention of a number of recruiters, who have all been disappointed to hear that I'm going back to Block for another season while I try to juggle tax work, one last semester of school work, and the Becker CPA prep courses.

January was not a happy month; there was the Giffords shooting in Arizona, or more accurately, the partisan howling about it. Also, Amy Chua made the news with her book on "tiger parenting", which among other things gave rise to an amusing couple of characters in Bill Holbrook's webcomic Kevin & Kell.

February was nicely boring by comparison. I paid off the Toaster, and P got transfer orders to the new Portland Data Center, which as it happens is nowhere near Portland.

In March, I spent a weekend at (General) Eric's, and suffered through Edison's Conquest of Mars as well. On the other hand, I did see Sucker Punch, which had its moments despite the horrific plot.

Tax season ended in April, which was about all that happened that month.

In May, Osama bin Laden was offed, and there was much rejoicing. Then PMSH and the Tories achieved a crushing victory in the Canadian elections, and I felt EVEN BETTER.

June marked the start of a really stressful sub assignment at the local elementary school, and then Joel Rosenberg died, much to the surprise of a lot of people.

Gave up on trying to read Gormenghast in July, probably because I was already slogging through GRRM's crapsack world, to say nothing of The Dead Hand. Such cheerful books I read. I did see RED, which I liked a lot. Also, I drove from Alexandria to Baltimore by way of Virginia Beach. Twice. In between, though, there was a.f.u. no Breakfast!

I mourned HP's termination of the WebOS phones and tablets in August. Also, my leg got infected, and Hurricane Irene passed through with minimal effect.

I didn't have a whole lot to say about the tenth anniversary of 9/11, hard to believe as that may be. I did, however, get pissed off at some schmuck named Andrew Fox, who is a pretentious twat. At the end of the month, a lot of folks took exception to my tweaking of Elizabeth Warren and her dumbass comments on the social contract.

I turned 52 in October, and went to Vegas with smitty1e and Stacy to cover the Presidential candidate debate. It was quite the experience.

Another bout with the antibiotics came around in November, and an two-month experiment in living without home Internet started. Cowzilla began to forget things, and I went down to Luray with Mark for Thanksgiving with his folks.

December was taken up with frenzied test-taking, paper-writing, a lockdown of the Alexandria campus, and P's temporary return to the area.
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