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the inter-holiday week that was

Doing things in the usual backwards manner, I observe that Cavalier has turned my DSL on a week earl as of this morning, which is Good.

I spent most of yesterday asleep, or at least it felt that way; got up for a few hours at 0900 to head over to the District Office, where I got through the online Tax Update class, got screwed out of one shot at the Tax Specialist II exam and missed passing my last shot by 2 points. Fuck you, Compass, fuck you hard. Came home, ate lunch, fell into bed and slept for several hours before heading out to P's hotel to deliver pumpkin custard and whipped cream, after which we headed over to the Amphora for a very late dinner of burgers; I headed home by way of the Poland Road Sheetz, being badly in need of gas and coffee.

All the sleep on Friday was the direct result of being up with P, JB, and Fred until 2 AM as they drank their way from one end of Adams-Morgan to the other. It was mostly a good time, though I was not enthused about being dragged into a bakery/coffeehouse at 0100 when I was already tired and even less thrilled at not getting home until 0400. Being a designated driver is not all free Diet Coke and coffee. Still, I think hijinks are going to ensue with Fred and JB in the future even if P is off in Australia or the PRC or some other place. Or maybe because she'll be in those places.

Going to run out to Harris-Teeter and the library to get books, soda and laundry money, after which I'll probably do laundry and go to bed early, as I usually do on New Year's Eve.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, friends

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