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shuffling forward into the spring

Well, my grades are in, and they're nothing to write home about. One A, one C, a D, and a couple of Fs. Unfortunately, the Fs are in Business Law and Intermediate Accounting II, both of which I need to sit for the CPA exam. So I'm in the process of requesting a waiver from the Assistant Dean of the STAB (Science, Technology, Accounting & Business) department which will allow me to do those courses over again in the spring with different instructors in different places. I did pass statistics, and (ironically enough, considering I flunked IA2) advanced accounting, and even got an A in marketing.

I don't have much to say about Dear Leader croaking off, except that it's about time. Hopefully things will start to change in that miserable corner of the world - let's face it, when people are volunteering to move away to Siberia and do manual logging, your country sucks - but I'm not going to hold my breath. Blue is totally not my color.

It's been nice having Melody back in town for TDY. We've had a lot to talk about.

Speaking of things to talk about, my old classmate Tish (the cereal killer, LOL) and her husband Gavin had their annual Open House this past Sunday, and having been invited I figured I ought to go. It was worth it. I managed to avoid the cookies, brownies, cakes and such, while enjoying their son Liam's mastery of the family pulled pork recipe and some decent conversations of a non-political nature.* Tish & Gavin have been married twenty years now, are very happy with each other, and have some awesome kids. Good times.

*I should point out that I'm the token conservative in their circle of friends. :)
Tags: family drama, foreign policy wank, friends, school
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