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"I got better."

Despite the botched interment, Sunday wasn't a complete washout. Scott and Melody and I kicked the tires and lit the fires as soon as the burial was over, and soon we were at the Mandarin Buffet in Anoka (or maybe Coon Rapids; the city lines aren't too well marked out there) chowing down on a better-than-average assortment of Chinese steamtable cuisine. Melody drew my attention to the new Mongolian BBQ station, which had a better variety of stuff than our former favorite at the New Century, and I took advantage of it. Hot garlic noodle goodness, yeah! Also on display at the Mandarin Buffet were some of the finest examples of round-eyed teenage feminity I have ever seen - beautiful, beautiful young women, modestly dressed and with either no makeup or the kind of makeup that looks like it's not there, and most excellent spike-heeled leather boots...their parents deserve multiple blue ribbons and the Medal of Freedom for adding these young ladies to the gene pool. Awwwww yeah.

Yes, I probably need to go out on a date.

Moving right along, I did the DVD swap at Video Universe and picked up disks 2-4 of Dai-Guard and 3-4 of Nadesico. It would have been the other way around (3 Nadesico and 2 Dai-Guard) but the store was missing disk 5 of Nadesico. For those of you who are regular customers of Video Universe, you'll be happy to hear that they're expanding their foreign (meh), Asian live-action (hm) and anime (Yay!) holdings, and are looking for room to expand. That corner of Robbinsdale looks pretty full, but I wish them good luck, because they rock.

Finally got home at 5, put stuff up on eBay, played Settlers of Catan online (thanks, michaellee!) and got my butt kicked repeatedly before giving up and going to bed. Laundry was done before the interment, so no worries there. Couldn't get to sleep until 0100 despite being short on sleep Friday and Saturday night, so I'm draggin'...and will be for a while since I have class tonight and tomorrow night. Urgh.
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