wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

Discovering Fort Belvoir

When I was growing up in Forest Heights, I thought Ft. Belvoir was some faraway place like Tyson's Corner. Imagine my surprise at finding out it was just down US 1 from the Beltway. Maybe they're right about the world getting smaller...anyway, the Alexandria VA clinic has relocated from its old, rented digs to new quarters in the brand spanking new Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, which is quite shiny and high-tech. More to the point, it's one of the two replacements for the now-closed Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and where I need to go for my appointments now. Quite a change not only from the old clinic, which was located in a strip mall off Telegraph Road, and from the old post hospital, DeWitt Army Hospital, which from the description sounded more like an oversized clinic.

Belvoir itself is huge, as befits a training base that's home to the Engineer School, and has all manner of modern amenities such as Starbucks and Subway in addition to the usual PX and Class VI store. What drew my interest, however, is the Van Noy Library, a nice little post library with a dedicated military history room chock-full of stuff useful to me as I work toward writing up every single division of the U.S. Army since 1917 for e2. So, gas budget permitting, I'll be popping down there a couple times a week to consult their copies of the Army Lineage Series, among other things.
Tags: back in the day, e2

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