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technical difficulties

The printer I have here at home (a HP Deskjet 1660, for those of you that wish to avoid similar problems) has been increasingly soggy and hard to light of late, and today it got on my last nerve. It hung up while I was printing stuff I needed to satisfy the food stamp worker, and try as I might I could not get the damned thing to finish printing, or even (after deleting it, reinstalling it, rebotting the computer, and reprinting the document) start all over again. So I wound up heading over to the community college and doing my printing there, clunky IE/pay-for-printing interfaces and all. Set me back about fifty cents between the award letter and the offer letter from H&R Block.

I may also be losing the internets at home for a while; somehow while spending leftover student loan money like a mildly drunk sailor last month, I managed to overlook my Cavalier bill. Oops. I ought to be able to scrape together the money to get caught up on that in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime I can leech off the NVCC networks in Alexandria and Annandale. It'll make doing my linkagery for Stacy a bit of a pain, but it can't be helped. Next time I'll do a better job of staying on top of these things.

Library gets from NVCC: Decision Points by W, Rumsfeld's Known and Unknown: A Memoir, and Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive. Righteous doorstops, all three of them; good thing I have until the 28th to read them.
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