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Monday linkagery and personal notes

#OWS as a stage in the fragmentation of the New Class? I'd buy it for a quarter.

Speaking of the #OWS crowd, props to David Ferguson for "Don't Be So Mean To The Titans Of Tomorrow". I thought the paragraph on Anonymous was particularly apropos.

Adventures In Depression: the illustrations are funny, sort of, but the story really isn't. I don't think I've ever been QUITE that depressed, but there have been some days and weeks in the pit.
(Susannah Breslin)

This has not been a good month for me on the weight front. I went up and down a few times and finally wound up at 349.4 pounds, up 1.4 pounds since the beginning of October. There are various reasons for this, but a lot of them boil down to failures of portion control, self-control, and time control, which are really all variations on the same theme: learning how not to stick things in my mouth that are bad for me, and also learning how not to get into situations where I am tired/apathetic/depressed enough not to care about the difference between good and bad foods. The goal is to try and stick to a diet of less than 2K calories/day with less than 30g of carbs. Really not that hard, but it does have to be worked at.

On a related topic, I was eating dinner with P, RS and Mrs. Bear last night at Chez Seastrom and noted in passing that five years ago - hell, two years ago - it would have seemed very weird to be eating Italian sausage and Hebrew National dogs without buns and chicken salad without bread. I think the reason this low-cab diet is working better for me than previous iterations of diets ranging from Slimfast to Weight Watchers is that it is an actual lifestyle change, which WW talks about but never really gets you into aside from the substitution of their low-point desserts and frozen meals for the real thing. Still, one has to be on one's guard, because we are wired to appreciate the sweet things even when they are slowly killing us.

Pseudo-Russian dialogue line for future reference: "We do this so seldom, is awkward occasion when we do."
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