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It's the last week of October, and things are in flux all over the place. I'm about halfway through the fall semester, and with the exception of my accounting classes, I'm doing okay. This is no great accomplishment, since the law and marketing courses aren't all that hard, and like them, statistics is a rehash of stuff I originally took in my abortive MBA attempt ten years ago.

Elsewhere in life, some belt-tightening is imminent. I've run through the last dregs of my original unemployment claim, and the current claim pays only a third of what I was getting before. It's not like I was living large before, but until tax season starts and I start collecting wages from Block, I'm going to be trying to spend as little money as possible. If I qualify for food stamps ( a dubious proposition) that'll help things a little, but I see a lot of eggs and chicken in my future.

Which is just as well. This last month has not been kind to my waistline, which ballooned painfully over the last couple of months as I not only fell off the dietary horse but rolled around in the mud for a while. I'm back on track now and hope to be back at 340 fairly soon.This will be helped by avoiding nuts and Whole Foods, whose prices on FAGE yogurt (full-fat and otherwise) are excellent, but unfortunately I can't seem to stay away from the bakery which is likewise excellent but rather pricey. The leg wounds continue to heal slowly; I'm a little concerned that my sleep cycles are still screwed up this long after the Vegas trip, but it has been pointed out to me that I don't adjust to schedule changes anywhere near as well as I used to. Going to have to keep a careful eye on that and maybe make some changes.

I'm a little nervous about next semester. It's tax season, of course, which will help my head and my wallet by getting me out of the apartment and down to the office several times a week, but I'll still be going to classes to fill in the last of my CPA requirements and going to the Becker exam prep classes besides. That'll make for a full schedule, and I'm worried about whether I can hold up under it. I pretty much HAVE to, so I should stop worrying and just gird up my loins to get it done. Easier said than done.

Forgot to mention that before heading off to Vegas, I was rooting through the boxes on the living room table and found the collection of Galaxy magazines I inherited from Oxon Hill HS, and some Analog issues as well. One more thing I need to find shelf space for. The only parts of the magazine collection I'm missing at this point are the issues of ASF from the 1940s and some scattered issues of Analog, and I can't remember for sure if I might have sold the old ASFs, since the main reason I bought them was because none of L. Ron Hubbard's stuff was available in print at the time I bought them.

Well, time for breakfast and the morning commute to class.
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