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Let the good times roll

The meeting and party went well yesterday, partly because Tae really put on the dog and threw one hell of a party. Several varieties of cookies and baked thingies, homemade doughnuts, rice and nori, meatballs, a taco ring, shrimp...the pocky almost seemed like wretched excess. The meeting went fairly quickly, and then people settled down to the important business of socializing while watching Spaceballs, Army of Darkness, and finally The Big Lebowski, which inspired the remaining nine of us to go bowling at the Stardust Lanes. That was fun even with all the hiphop music and my complete lack of bowling skills (boy, do I need practice) and of course my feet did not appreciate all the excess usage. After the bowling we went back to Tae's and played Apples to Apples until about 2:30 Sunday morning when her s2bx got crabby about the occasional loudness of the talking and we broke up the party. Good time had by all, yes sir!
Tags: the bush of fandom
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